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MAARTECH | Thursday May 13, 2021

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Do you care where a camera was made?

Do you care where a camera was made?

| On 17, Jul 2020

It’s a question that viewers like you often ask. I’ve got two possible motivations. 


Nice day for a canoe ride on the Humber, so Kim and I packed up some camera gear and rented a two-seater from Toronto Adventures. 

My cap promotes MGI Software’s VideoWave, a video editing package from a Canadian Developer. I worked at MGI as a product manager (not on VideoWave) early in this millennium. My paddle is a handcrafted RedTail.

Kim was behind the camera for this video (I am doing all the paddling). We recorded using the Sony ZV-1, using picture profile 7 (S-Log2) to accommodate the wide contrast and dynamic range. Continuous AFC, wide area with face detect on. We recorded on an Atomos Ninja Inferno using ProRES 422 at 4K/30. I’ll explain more in my review of the ZV-1 (in progress). 

The camera is on a Manfrotto 190XB tripod with a 701HD head. Steadyshot was on. Using a gimbal in a canoe is counter-productive, as the tripod and I are set on the same surface and move together.

The script is on a teleprompter – an iPhone with Pages in presenter mode. As that requires the flash shoe, we could not attach the windsock to the ZV-1, so could not use the internal mics.

Audio was recorded from a Sennheiser/Apogee clipmic, taped inside my glasses (the cable is intermittently visible under my right ear). The recording was made on an iPhone (using MetaRecorder) and synced in post. 

I adjusted exposure and graded colour using Final Cut, without the help of a LUT. Note that the adjustments are not the same throughout. 

Video was edited on a 27″ iMac using Final Cut 10.4.8. Output to HD1080/30.

More insight into my canoeing technique.




  1. William Billings

    Enjoyed the canoe ride, watching your paddle technique, and hearing your thoughts on photo equipment country of origin. Thank you!

    • Maarten

      A pleasure to read your kind words – always nice to know my videos are appreciated.

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