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MAARTECH | Tuesday August 20, 2019

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Still Bend: Frank Lloyd Wright’s House for Bernard Schwartz

| On 09, Feb 2014

There are a few houses architected and built by Frank Lloyd Wright that can be rented. We stayed at one in October, 2013.

Architecture is not just about design aesthetics, but also about the practical details that transform a building into a functional space. We came to Still Bend to experience life in a Wright home.

There is a wealth of detail hidden in the construction, which never seems superfluous or ornamental. And every detail seems to provide guidance – don’t linger here, sit comfortably here, start a fire, read a book.

In our minds, we could hear the contractor cursing, as the detail is anything but uniform. The ceiling height varies, in some places by centimeters, more in others. Each variance is a guide to flow and furniture placement. Lower ceilings – compression for architecture students – reminds you that this is a place to sit, or to keep moving to a freer, more open space. 

The owners warned us of the loud clang as you enter the main bathroom on the second floor. They described this as Wright’s revenge on Mrs. Schwartz, who insisted on a linen closet. The linen closet required the bathroom door to be moved, which bangs into the toilet as a result.

Still Bend can be rented at

A book of photographs of Still Bend (as suggested by Paul) is available here

My set of photographs of Still Bend is on flickr


  1. Great look at a Wright House, Maarten. The pictures are wonderful — you could publish a book of them. I know how hard architectural photography can be but you really caught the details and the feeling of the place.

    • Maarten

      Paul: Thanks for the kind words. If you’re looking for a book about Still Bend, try this one:

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