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MAARTECH | Wednesday May 12, 2021

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Sony A6300 comprehensive and detailed hands on review

Sony A6300 comprehensive and detailed hands on review

| On 21, Jul 2016

It’s been an exciting four months since the Sony A6300 arrived. My review of the Sony A6000 was well received, so I jumped in and actually bought one – thanks to my dealer, the DV shop in Toronto, who managed to obtain one for me on the release date – in time to take to Mexico.

I did find time to report on the differences between the A6000 and the A6300, and to explain the picture profiles – but had not completed my full review until today. In the meantime, several other reviews of cameras with a limited loan time have come and gone and somehow they pushed this project back several times.

You’ll find the photos (and then some) on flickr. In addition to the SELP1650 kit lens, I used the SEL1670Z and the SEL70300G.

Lots of activities are covered in the video – our holiday at the excellent Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres, which was a return trip. As anticipated, the second time was as good as (and since they’ve opened an ice cream parlor) potentially even better than the first. There’s a stage show every night.

You’ll see scenes from Alexandra’s report of the CanAm equestrian show, from Ms. Worobec’s readings of the Blue Spruce 2016 books, and in-progress DIY video – all projects produced using the A6300.  The black and white images are of Genevieve Marentette at Bloom. DSC Labs hosted me at their Mississauga studio to take shots of the new XYLA 26.

Sony organized a “try our new lenses” event with models and a tour around Toronto, and a trip out onto Lake Ontario on a sailing ship, where I interviewed Kate Siobhan Mulligan.

The opening, linking and closing scenes, with Maarten on camera along Toronto’s western waterfront were shot by Thom Varey using a Sony A7S and a DJI Ronin, which I also reviewed. Doug White took the laneway shot on the A6300 with the Ronin.

The “beauty” and closeup shots of the A6300 were taken with the A6000, mostly with the SEL30M35 macro lens. Camera screens were captured using an Atomos Shogun – although some had to be recorded using the A6000 as there are modes and settings which are not available when an external monitor is connected.

On camera, I use a Rodelink filmmaker wireless kit, for voice overs the Rode NT USB. I edit using Final Cut 10.2.3 on a 5K iMac.

I do read and respond to all comments, which are moderated. If you leave a relevant and civil comment without links (which are filtered by youtube) it will be posted.

For your guidance -The products reviewed are on loan, and returned after the review unless otherwise mentioned. In this case, I purchased the A6300. I am not sponsored or compensated by any manufacturer, I have not accepted payment to review any product. I am not compensated for my reviews except through Google Adwords.

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  1. Mauricio

    Thank you so much for the thorough review. I bought this camera recently and I’m truly enjoying it. I wonder if you know if there’s any way to find out what picture profile settings were used for footage coming from it? I’m editing on FCPX but the metadata it reads doesn’t offer any information on that regard. Thank you!

    • Maarten

      That is a shortcoming – I don’t think there’s anyway to know which picture profile (or more importantly which gamma setting) was used. Even in camera, there’s no information (like EXIF) associated with the video. The XML file in the clip folder doesn’t have that information either. Would be useful though.

  2. Brian Patterson

    Easily the most thorough and intelligent review on the a6300 I’ve read to date. Concise and detailed, it gave me the best view of this model’s capabilities and limitations. Your commentary style is perfect for this sort of thing. I’m still waiting to add E mount gear to my A mount collection – will likely wait for a heat free body to shoot video but otherwise am totally impressed with the a6300 as it is. Thanks for the time and attention you spend on this review.

    • Maarten

      Thank you for posting such kind words, I appreciate that.

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