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MAARTECH | Wednesday May 12, 2021

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Sony A6300 to A6000 comprehensive comparison

Sony A6300 to A6000 comprehensive comparison

| On 14, Mar 2016

The A6000, and my review of it, have been very popular. And we’ve waited nearly two years for a second generation model. The wait is over, and here’s my first update – an exhaustive comparison between the two models.

Typically, I borrow a camera to make a review. I’ve made an exception here and have purchased it. And I’ve rushed to get this material online as quickly as possible. There will be more A6300 videos in the weeks to come, with more detailed coverage of the entire camera. But I thought A6000 shooters would appreciate a quick understanding of what they’re missing out on.

Screen sequences have been edited, slowed and speeded up to conform to the script and should not be used as a time reference.

For current Amazon pricing, here’s my Amazon affiliate link for the A6300

Here’s my Amazon affiliate link for the A6000.

Behind the Scenes
The opening scene was recorded in 4K with a single candle using the A6300 with the e-series 35mm F1.8 (crop) lens.

The menu captures are recorded using a Shogun. The shots with two cameras, and the closeups of the camera exteriors were recorded using a Sony NEX VG20 video camera with the 30mm macro lens.

On camera audio with the RodeLink Filmmaker kit, voice over with the Rode NT USB.

Edited in Final Cut 10.2.3.

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