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MAARTECH | Wednesday May 12, 2021

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Sony RX100V review

Sony RX100V review

| On 22, Nov 2016

I was just driving away from a meeting at Sony to discuss a video about using flash when they called to ask if I wanted to borrow the new RX100V for review. I U-turned and picked it up – the condition – they needed it back in two weeks. Aaarrggh – that’s a short timeline for me, so it’s been hectic.

Honest Ed’s, a Toronto landmark, is closing at the end of the year. Although we haven’t been there much recently, it’s still a nostalgic location. And although the lighting display has wanted for upkeep lately, it’s still an iconic Toronto landmark. Like Sam the Record Man, it will be sad to have it gone. As a momento, the TTC has installed several Honest Ed inspired signs at the Bathurst Street subway station – kitty corner from the store. Kim assisted behind the camera.

And although it’s late this year, it’s now fall in Toronto, so lots of colour in the trees in High Park.

The photos, and their EXIF data are available on flickr.

There are more videos about picture profiles available on my channel: Sony A6300 review ; Sony A6300 Profiles, SLog and LUTs . If you’re interested in profiles, I interviewed Jem Schofield, who has some interesting things to say on the topic.

If you’re thinking about vlogging with the RX100V (as you may, seeing as it has a flip screen) here’s my vlogging settings video for the RX100V.

Behind the scenes
The on-camera scenes are recorded using the Sony A6300 with the SEL1670Z lens and Parrot telepromter running Telepromt3+ software. The beauty shots of the RX100V are recorded using the A6300 with the SEL30M35. The screen captures are recorded using an Atomos Shogun directly from the RX100V’s HDMI out. Some screens can’t be captured from the HDMI (like sunny weather and beauty shot in playback) and are recorded with the A6300/SEL30M35.

In order to fit the narration, recordings have been speeded, slowed, held and edited.

On camera audio is recorded using a Rodelink Filmmaker wireless kit, narration recorded using a Rode NT-USB. Manfrotto tripods are used. At Honest Eds, an Aputure Amaran AL-H160 on-camera LED light was used (but I hesitate to recommend it, as the dimmer no longer works).

Edited using Final Cut Pro X 10.3 (upgraded successfully – but between the recent OSX upgrade and this upgrade, my system is less stable than before).

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