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MAARTECH | Thursday May 13, 2021

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Canon G7X II hands on review at Go Vélo Festival in Montréal

Canon G7X II hands on review at Go Vélo Festival in Montréal

| On 27, Jun 2016

When Vélo Québec invited me to Montréal for the Go Vélo Bike Festival, I accepted and then called my contacts to borrow a suitable camera. Canon was able to loan me the G7X II, and that seemed like the ideal pocketable choice.

Montréal is a wonderful city, with a vibrant cycling culture – the extensive network of cycling lanes, many of which are physically separated from the traffic lanes, were busy with cyclists. The events – the night ride on Friday, the various tours on Sunday were very well attended, as you can see from the photos. And there are also lots of trails to enjoy.

The photos are available on flickr, so you can see the EXIF settings.

Kim joined me for this trip, and helped me shoot the on-camera segments, which we recorded around Montréal’s McGill University downtown campus. They were recorded using the Sony RX10 III, which had some trouble holding focus on me – even with face detection on. Audio recorded using the Rodelink videomaker wireless kit.

Check current US pricing for the G7X II using my B&H affiliate link.

Here are B&H affiliate links for the production gear:
Sony RX10 III
Rodelink Filmmaker Kit

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I was a guest of Vélo Québec, who provided both travel and accommodation for this trip.
I’m also working on a video which documents the weekend’s events.

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