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MAARTECH | Tuesday December 1, 2020

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Fuji X-T10 hands on review

Fuji X-T10 hands on review

| On 28, Sep 2015

I’m immediately drawn to Fuji’s X-series cameras. Their design, functionality and the quality of the images never fail to impress me – so I’m always happy to receive the latest model to review.

The loan coincided nicely with a trip to France, cycling along the Canal du Midi from Toulouse to Sète followed by a few days in Paris. I also took advantage of the X-T10 to shoot on-camera segments for my review of the Nikon 1 J5.

If you’d like to see the images in more detail, and check out their EXIF data, all photos used in the review are available on flickr.

The lack of a live video output not only inhibits the X-T10’s ability as a video camera, it also reduces my ability to provide more interesting sample images as I create the screen captures to illustrate settings, options and menus. The screen captures are recorded using the Sony A6000 with a SEL30M35 macro lens while both cameras are mounted on a rig I’ve improvised using components from Shape, Manfrotto and Wooden Camera. Screen captures are edited, condensed and sometimes have their speed adjusted to make the images fit the dialog.

The on-camera scenes were recorded on a Sony NEX VG20 with the SEL 16-70. Camera close-ups were recorded using a Sony a6000, with SEL30M35 for macro shots. VO recorded using a Rode NT-USB. On camera, I use the Sennheiser ew-2 wireless system. I use the x-rite colorchecker passport for white balance and colour reference.

Edited on an iMac using Final Cut 10.2.2. Images processed in Lightroom CC 2015.1.1

The X-T10 kit was on loan, and has been returned. I am not affiliated with or compensated by Fuji, any other camera or device manufacturer.

As always, if there are any details I’ve overlooked, I welcome (and reply to) your comments and questions.


  1. Maartin
    Very nice as usual and as usual, wonderfully complete, with real time through lens
    and of-camera control visuals instead of the talking face, opine style of the ‘other guys’. LOL I’ve made in-depth use of several of your reviews, so thanks. Unlike other reviewers, I want to go out and buy every one of the cameras when you meticulously reveal the hidden ‘easter egg” photo techniques hidden in the menu operations. While watching this review, I’ve communicated with an admirable fellow in Porto who is looking hard at the XT-10 for purchase. But more so, I find I would like to hear your musical selections, like the review of a Sony camera which someone uncharitably dissed. The music was a tiny bit loud and did repeat a lot. Never the less, I miss your musical background! It helps me enjoy your vacations, charitably disturbed by your considerable production effort, never th eless could still be enjoyed more fully by me!


    • Maarten Heilbron

      Thanks for the kind words – it’s always nice to hear from someone who appreciates my work. I’ve thought and rethought the music, and I either need to invest more time/money to get the pieces scored properly so that they aren’t repetitious and so that they blend better with the narration and on-screen sounds. Now that I’m going without, in every video I do have a moment or two when I think a little music would help …

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