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MAARTECH | Thursday May 13, 2021

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Carl Zeiss 12mm Touit lens for Sony e-mount

Carl Zeiss 12mm Touit lens for Sony e-mount

| On 11, Jun 2014

While reviewing the Sony a6000, I was able to borrow a 12mm Touit lens from Zeiss. This video is excerpted from my review of the a6000, for those who are interested only in this lens. I did add a few more photos.


All photos (and their EXIF data) can be found at my flickr account. All photos have been processed in Lightroom – my typical adjustments increase exposure slightly (I find that the a6000 underexposes slightly), darken highlights, lighten shadows (I prefer a flatter gamma curve), increase both clarity and vibrance. The lens profile correction was applied. If you are interested to have the original RAW file for any image, please ask. More details about the video are available in my blog post about the camera.

zeiss bezel fail

I did have one issue that I didn’t mention in the video, as it did not seem to be a general occurrence (if Google is any indication). As shown in the photo above, the front bezel came off the first review unit. Zeiss sent a replacement, but I could feel that it too was starting to detach by the time it was due to return it. I’ve read some other reviews and have concluded that likely the fault was mine – when storing the lens, I reverse-mounted the hood, which may have caused or contributed to this. My recommendation: don’t reverse the lens hood.

I’ll also note that although the lens is lovingly packaged in sturdy foam, it does not come with a case nor any kind of documentation – not a warranty card or instructions. I’m not sure whether that’s been removed for review units, but … Hopefully a warning card to indicate that the lens hood should not be reverse mounted would be useful.

As always, I welcome (and reply to) your comments and questions.

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