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MAARTECH | Thursday May 13, 2021

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Sony A6500 detailed hands on review in 4K

Sony A6500 detailed hands on review in 4K

| On 16, Feb 2017

Loved and bought the A6000 after I reviewed it. Bought the A6300 sight unseen – not as good a choice. So, very interested to work with the A6500, which appeared very quickly after the A6300.
I borrowed it from B&H.


B&H U$ price check for Sony A6500
B&H U$ price check for Sony A6300
B&H U$ price check for Sony A6000
(I still recommend the A6000 as an excellent value camera)

Behind the Scenes

Lots of interesting goings-on: the Women’s March in Toronto; The Gold Medal Plates Dinner at Ravine Vineyards in St. Davids; Cocoa and Vino at Peller Estates Winery in Niagara on the Lake; The Light Festival at The Distillery District in Toronto; Mara Nesrallah and Michelle Willis played at Burdock in Toronto.

All photos are available on flickr to review the EXIF data and settings.

On camera scenes are recorded with the Sony A6300 with the SEL35F18 lens. Closeups were recorded with SEL30M35. Menus were recorded using an Atomos Shogun. Menu scenes are edited to fit the narration – they may be slowed or speeded, so may not be representative of real performance. The speed of the burst, overheating and other “performance” screens has not been adjusted.

On camera audio is recorded using a Rodelink Filmmaker wireless kit, narration recorded using a Rode NT-USB. Manfrotto tripods are used. I edit using Final Cut 10.3.1 on a 5K iMac.

This is one of three videos about the A6500. There’s a Video Settings guide and a Detailed Comparison of the A6300 and A6500.

I do read and respond to all comments, which are moderated. If, either here or on youtube, you leave a relevant and civil comment without links (which are filtered by youtube) it will be posted.

For your guidance 
The products reviewed are on loan, and returned after the review unless otherwise mentioned.
In this case, I own the A6300 and the lenses I used in the review.
I am not sponsored or compensated by any manufacturer, I have not accepted payment to review any product. I am not compensated for my reviews except through Google Adwords.

The B&H links are affiliate links, I do receive a small commission – but please do not allow this to influence your purchase decision.

I also encourage you to visit and support your local photo/video retailer.

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