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MAARTECH | Tuesday April 23, 2019

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| On 29, Mar 2019

My dear readers:

It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me. And I’m sorry. My attention is now primarily focussed on my YouTube channel. It currently (March 2019) averages about 280K plays per month. This blog, and my website averages about 1K.

If you’ve arrived here looking for more information, there’s a link below to post a comment and I will reply. I also reply to all relevant questions and civil comments posted on all of my youtube videos.

If there’s a specific topic that you’d like to see addressed in video, or in print, please let me know. I’m always happy to consider suggestions from my viewers.

Sorry to disappoint you, thanks for your interest



  1. Lorrie Dabdoub

    Hello Maarten,
    That’s quite all right, I enjoy your information and advice whether on the website or you tube. I’m trying to decide on a new camera, so I refer to your videos quite a bit. The information you give is very enlightening and practical. I also enjoy your wife’s videos too.
    thanks and keep shooting till your card is full, God bless, Lorrie

    • Maarten

      Thanks very much for your understanding and your kind words, they are appreciated.

  2. Adrian

    I have a Sony A6000. Is it possible to do bracketing by changing just the speed and leaving the F-stop and ISO constant? I do not want to change the DOF or alter the granularity of the picture.

    • Maarten

      Yes, you can – and that is the time honoured way to exposure bracket used for the many centuries when cameras did not have automatic exposure bracket options.

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