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MAARTECH | Monday April 22, 2019

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Insta360 One Everything you need to know demonstrated

Insta360 One Everything you need to know demonstrated

| On 24, Nov 2017

There’s a lot of attention paid to 360 – including by YouTube who is encouraging Creators to embrace this new capability. As I thought about the potential, I wasn’t sure. Then Insta360 offered to send me a 360 camera …

Full Disclosure: Insta360 gave me the camera to keep for this review. They did not pay me, they did not review the video, or this post, before I posted it. If this is a product that intrigues you, they did provide me with a promo code: MATNH360 to use on their site

I’m now more intrigued, and do plan to create more 360 content. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

As you can see in the kitchen shot where I demo the live broadcast – I can make a single shot look exactly the way I want. Organizing a whole room or location to be “presentable” is a challenge. So also, are live broadcasts where we could chat of interest to you?

You may support me by using my B&H shopping affiliate links -or using the ad below. The price is the same, I get a small commission.

Behind the scenes
My on-camera scenes were recorded with a Sony A63000 with the 16-70mm, the beauty shots with the SEL30M35 macro lens. Screens were recorded from my iPhone and iPad using the native screen recorder. They may be slowed down or speeded up to match the narration

I use a Rodelink Filmmaker wireless kit for on camera audio, a Rode NT USB for narration. I edit on a 5K iMac using Final Cut 10.3.4.

I do read and respond to all relevant questions and civil comments, which are moderated.

For your guidance
The Insta360 One was given to me by Insta360. They did not pay me, they did not review my video or post prior to posting.

I am not compensated for my reviews except through Google Adwords. The B&H links are affiliate links, I do receive a small commission – but please do not allow this to influence your purchase decision. I would encourage you to visit and support your local photo/video retailer.


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