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MAARTECH | Monday May 20, 2019

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Panasonic EVA1 setup for studio shoot

Panasonic EVA1 setup for studio shoot

| On 22, Dec 2017

Panasonic invited me to the EVA1 media briefing, and even though I feel this camera is out of my class, I went. They told me that if I wanted to borrow it for a shoot, they would be willing to lend it. So …

Panasonic Canada’s Michael Fawcett came along to help me setup, and I thought that would also make an interesting video for the channel. I asked Tony Dobrovszky to come along with a DSC Labs setup chart and the XYLA chart to measure dynamic range.

The video we recorded with the EVA1, about audio for video, should appear on December 28th.

Check the price here.
The chart we use.
XYLA chart.

Behind the Scenes
Shot in the Toronto YouTube Studio. Lighting by Sonam Tashi, who, along with Paul Marshman, also did camera. We used the Sony FS5 cameras for this shoot.


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